Mind Muscle Nutrition, LLC was built on the idea of “mind muscle connection” and fully supports the production of CLINICALLY dosed products with RESEARCH backed ingredients. Ever think of the reaction you had to dropping a dumbbell on your foot and how you reacted it before the actual pain set in? That’s the idea of mind muscle connection- your brain controls movement. Your muscles don’t move just because (even though it may seem that way because it’s so second nature), your brain is telling them to move! So, with Mind Muscle Nutrition, we’re here to take that idea to the next level in really hone in on muscle potential and GAINS in the gym.

We’re not here to play games with proprietary blends, we want YOU to know EXACTLY what you’re taking in order to crush your goals. Honestly, you’ll find no bullsh*t here, what’s on our label is precisely what’s in our products- can’t you tell we’re sick of under dosed, high cost products? Sure, you can get a decent workout with most products, but we promise that ours will not only take to the next level, but also be able to get you over that plateau you’ve been cursing at day in and day out.

Also, as crazy as it sounds, our products aren’t ONLY for the hardcore gym goers. We have people currently using our products for short and long distance running, horseback riding, playing a round of golf, and more! We like to think of ourselves as the one stop shop in order to help anyone and everyone out there trying to reach specific goals they have in mind.

What happens if you end up not liking our products? We’ll buy it back! Truthfully!** We stand behind our products 110%, so you not liking it means we have some work to do and have to go back to the drawing boards- but we really think you’ll like what we have to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try! It won’t hurt anything- besides your muscles, because you won’t want to stop working out once you try our pre-, but even with that, we have an intra- that’ll kick that soreness in the a**, so like we said, we’ve got you covered. (:


**Our process is simple. Within 30 days, if you don't love the product, email us at sales@mindmusclenutrition.com and we’ll get your return label sent over immediately. Once the product is returned to our warehouse, we'll credit you back for 50% of the item if opened and 100% of the item if unopened. Items must be returned in original box. We also allow exchanges for items of equal or less value.

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