No Jitters. No Crash. 

25 Servings!

Just straight tunnel vision where all you care about is demolishing the weights. Once you train with M2 there is no looking back.

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BCAA's / EAA's / Focus / Pump / Electrolytes

30 Servings!

All-in-One Intra-Workout to fuel grueling workouts or athletic event. 

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Hydra Focus goes beyond you average BCAA intra product to give you so much more in the way of enhanced performance. I have never been so focused on working out with any other product. No b.s. this is hands down the best product I've used.


The full label disclosure and amount of each ingredient in M2 sold me on this pre-workout right off the bat. But it was the effectiveness of the product that blew me away. I knew I'd be trying out something great and M2 didn't disappoint. Incredible focus, pumps and endurance which helped me get the absolute most out of my workout. M2 does not disappoint!

Dave C

Hydra Focus has so many positives to it I'm not even sure where to begin! While sipping on this intro-workout I found myself more focused on my exercises and taking shorter breaks in between sets. The Orange smarty flavor is spot on and gets me excited for the next sip! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to switch up their BCAA's like I was.


I've taken probably every pre workout made to date and I am not lying when I say M2 was far and away the best workout I've ever experienced. I drank it 20 minutes before back/bi's and I have never been more locked in driving to the gym haha. For real I almost had tunnel vision. Not to mention the extreme pump during the workout. Guys this stuff is the real deal and the bar is now set extremely high. Watch out big guys... Mind Muscle Nutrition is coming in hot as hell.

Cody G

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