Crazy Focus, Mental Energy and Sympathetic Nervous System Overload! M2 is a Beastly Pre-Workout That May Prove Too Intense for Some!

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  August 29, 2017 

  • Crazy Focus
  • Euphoric Workout Sessions
  • Excellent Vascularity
  • Great Ingredient Profile
  • Good Value
  • Profuse Sweating
  • Severe Chills Sensation
  • A Bit Pricey


The world of preworkouts has become immensely saturated with cookie-cutter formulas that I could likely guess before even looking at a label! The days of innovative new ingredients and profiles has become more of a rarity in present times and for good reason, companies don't want to risk spending money on ingredients that are either too expensive or are inefficient leading to products that are packed to the brim with cheap caffeine. When I took a look at Mind Muscle's M2 ingredient list I knew that they didn't create this product to be a fish among the sea but rather something much more...sinister and wild. So obviously I had to try it out and see if M2 could be a new contender in the supplement game! Let's see how it stacks!

Ingredient Profile

Citrulline Malate (6g): It's always a pleasure to see a product opt for the clinical dosing on any ingredient let alone CM, mainly because it's one of the most expensive PWO ingredient out there but it works! Great vasodilation product that improves bloodflow and allows us to get those skin-bursting pumps in the gym we love oh so much.

Beta-Alanine (4g): This is actually interesting, I don't think I've ever seen a product contain more than 3.2g of beta alanine due to its effectiveness at that dose but a little more couldn't hurt right?! Beta-alanine works as a pH buffer to retard the effects of lactic acid to assist us in getting those few additional repetitions in before our muscles burn out. Maybe they found that 4g is a more effective dose? Either way, kudos for going against the norm and choosing to go the extra distance.

Sodium Nitrate (1000mg): Yet another precursor to nitric oxide production that is not super common in the PWO realm probably cause of the bad publicity the ingredient gets due to it being found in hot dogs and processed meats.

Choline Bitartrate (500mg): Common nootropic supplement that aids in neurological functioning. Our brain's neurotransmitters run on acetylcholine and I believe this ingredient can help with any potential deficits concerning it.

Eria Jarensis Extract (250mg): A somewhat new ingredient that works by increasing levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body leading to some pretty euphoric lifts. It's typically dosed between 125-250mg so it's nice to see that Mind Muscle decided to stick on the upper limits of dosing.

Caffeine (150mg + 50mg Caff. Citrate): Wow, 200mg of caffeine!? How can a preworkout even exist with this low of a caffeine dose?! I'm being sarcastic if anyone didn't guess lol but this really is a low dose of caffeine for a PWO especially one as powerful as this one and I believe it's because they trust in their ingredient profile enough that they don't need cheap stimulants to keep their product effective, at least that's what I'm thinking.

2-Aminoisoheptane (100mg): This is the new DMAA and it's fittingly dubbed DMHA! Crazy focus and euphoric lifts that made the original Jack3d so legendary have finally returned! It's fairly similar in molecular structure so hopefully it doesn't get the hammer anytime too soon.

Alpha Yohimbine "Rauwolscine" (5mg): I personally don't know a whole lot about this ingredient but I noted some serious sweating and minor chills/cold sensations that I was getting during my lifts that I haven't experienced in the past. Thankfully the owner/CEO of Mind Muscle notified me that it was likely this ingredient that was causing that effect. I really have to say that I'm not a huge fan of this ingredient just because the "chills" feeling it gives me is extremely uncomfortable though I know plenty of other gym goers that swear by this stuff, unfortunately I can't handle it too well. I also have never seen a dosing of 5mg in any product so if you're prone to getting that chilly feeling then M2 might not be up your alley.


I had the opportunity of testing out the Bomber flavor, which I believe is a type of cherry taste. It's not as sour as most PWOs tend to be but it is pretty tart. It's not the super tasty but it's extremely manageable and should only hinder the pickiest of tastebuds. It tends to get a little frothy with a few good shakes but a short wait period is more than enough time to let stuff settle. It uses a slightly larger than normal scoop size but is easily compatible with any water bottle with a little pinch fitting.


I typically used M2 about 20 minutes prior to getting onto the gym floor while still in my car giving me just enough time to change and get to the weights in time for everything to hit me full force. The beta-alanine hits immediately upon ingestion and then you feel a slow cascade of different ingredients hit you one at a time, from the stimulants effects of the caffeine to the euphoric feeling of the eria jarenesis until we finally get to the chilling sensation of the alpha yohimbe. I must say that I can take 99% of PWOs wouldn't blinking an eye but M2 really knocked me on my ass in more ways than one. The sweating that it caused me was just absolutely insane! I was literally soaking through my shirt from just doing basic cable exercises! The cold sensation seemed to just get stronger and stronger though throughout my lift to the point that I had to actually seek warmer areas in the gym to workout in. That sensation eventually became just way too much for me and I actually had to end my 1st workout short because it was too intense for me and ended up spending a solid 10 minutes in the sauna to try to warm up. Upon successive uses of M2 I tried using smaller doses but ended up losing a lot of the focus and euphoric feelings I had with the full scoop and still had incidences of the chilling sensation. I eventually had to cease use of the product after about 10 uses because my body just wasn't building a tolerance to the alpha yohimbe and it was making my workouts a lot less enjoyable. It's funny because I REALLY wanted to love this product and it has everything that I would want in a PWO except for a massive dose of alpha yohimbe that absolutely destroys it for me!


I looked on the Mind Muscle website and found M2 at $40 for 25 servings, which puts it at a modest $1.60 per serving. Due to the crazy ingredient profile I would have to say that this product is most definitely worth the price but only if you can handle it!

Side Effects

I experienced profuse sweating and a very powerful "chilling" feeling approximately 30 minutes following ingestion of M2.


M2 is a preworkout that my brain loved but my body despised. Its got all of the workings to be a top-tier elite product with all the right doses and excellent ingredient combinations but I just wish they never put that alpha yohimbe in there because it just puts it way too over the edge on extremeness for me personally. I want to commend Mind Muscle for being a new up and coming company that truly cares about providing quality products to its customers because guys like this are much rarer in today's supplement industry than it used to be. My advise to anyone looking over this product is that if you have experience with using products with alpha yohimbe and don't mind the "chills" sensation than by all means get this preworkout because you will not be disappointed, otherwise if you're like me then stay away.... very far away.... Cheers Fellas!
  • Bomber: 6/10

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