Packed with great ingredients, this is a top tier preworkout for anyone

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Thanks to Mind Muscle Nutrition for sending it out!
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  September 18, 2017 

  • Crazy Focus
  • Excellent Vascularity
  • Great Ingredient Profile
  • Great Energy
  • Thermo Effect
  • A Bit Pricey


Alright SR, time to review Mind Muscle Nutrition's preworkout called M2. Preworkouts are a staple for me as I am always looking for a boost in the gym. Because of my new job, I have decided to go to the gym before work instead of after, and I am not a morning person at all. This has been tough, but thankfully I had this preworkout on hand and it made life a lot easier. Let's break down this product below.

Ingredient Profile

Attached the profile below, and as you can see it's stacked. Props for the fully disclosed label as well. The highlights include 6 full grams of Citrulline for a pump as well as a gram of nitrates, 4 full grams of Beta Alanine for endurance, 1.5 grams of Tyrosine for focus, and a combo stims that include caffeine, DMHA, Eria Jarensis, caffeine citrate and synephrine. Having caffeine totaling 200 mg and 100 mg of DMHA should get even the stim tolerant like myself moving. Overall, I think the profile gets an A+ for full disclosure, great ingredients that address energy, pump, and endurance, and great dosages at that. Great profile.


I had the bomber flavor which I believe is going for the bomb pop flavor. I like sour, but I felt this was overly citric and kind of got old after awhile. This is a preworkout though so taste isn't a huge factor as most of us chug it. Mixability was great, some light foaming. Dosing is normal take one scoop 20-30 min pre workout.


In every category, M2 hit the mark and even exceeded in something I wasn't expecting. The pump was great. I usually don't respond much to citrulline even at high dosages but I had a great pump throughout while on this most likely from nitrates. They were full and consistent. The energy was top notch. It helped me wake up for those early morning gym sessions and gave me the energy to complete those workouts. Luckily, since I had work afterwords, there was no crash. I did feel a great focus on this as well as some mood elevation, but the surprise here was the thermo effect, probably from the synephrine. I have been doing a high rep high intensity workout recently with some cardio and I definitely got the warmer than normal sensation throughout my run of this with some increased sweating. I feel if you're doing a little of cutting or leaning this would be a great preworkout to add to your stack as I feel it really helped me in this area as well. Being on a caloric deficit and working out int he morning this did a great job of giving me the energy and the will to keep going in the morning. I am more than pleased with this product.


Currently, I can only find this on their website for $40. Each tub has 25 servings, which makes this pretty expensive per scoop. For this product however I can say you do get what you pay for, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again at this price especially since it provided the bonus of a thermo effect for me.

Side Effects



For me, this is a top tier preworkout. It provided me with some of my best workouts under tough circumstances. If you have some extra cash I would give this a try.

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